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Ideal landscape
Format 180x180 cm, technic: acryl on anvas, year 2005

.... is the big interactive collection of paintings inspired by a play. The idea of this project is to open a new playful way of the entry in the paintings. The paintings is possible to play, remake or change them and by it to create various compositions versions. The principle is coming from concrete games, but there are not any rules and the way how to play is open. The paintings are different in the way of the game. Concept of painting can be visual, where the game is the main visual content of painting. The picture consists from many variable shapes and parts, which are and possible to move and by that visually change his base. Or the paintings where is the main topic the idea of the play by self. The play is there the way to another look and access into the medium of the painting. The paint is created by graphical surface of colours contrasts, which are creating the specific playful plan and the paintings is possible to play like a table game.